Airbnb gives you a place to stay. Uber gives you a ride.
Chez Dine gives you authentic in-home dining and unique restaurant experiences.

A Taste of Togetherness

Authentic Dining Experiences

Chez Dine brings you truly local, unique dining experiences. We bring together people who love food and give you a place to share that love, connect and explore. Host or be hosted. Join tables around the globe in A Taste of Togetherness.

Our new mobile app is planned to launch in less than 20 days.
The platform our team is building will allow diners to create a profile and connect with local chefs and restaurants to book the most unique local dining experiences anywhere.

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Stories of Taste

"People who love to eat, are always the best people and Chez Dine is the perfect tool for connecting us. The taste of togetherness is an experience not only to please our taste buds but to nurture our souls. We had the pleasure of hosting a Farm to Barn City Limits dinner with Chez Dine in the summer. We are foodies and loved sharing our passion, property and purpose with likeminded new friends."
Chez Dine Host
"I heard about Chez Dine through a friend. I was a little nervous about going to a strangers house for dinner. Not really knowing what to expect. However I’m sure I recall feeling the same way when I stayed at my first Airbnb. I took a friend along for security and courage and away we went. Everyone at the table got along so well. The food I could go on about all day. The attention to detail, texture and taste was amazing. I highly recommend David and Chez Dine!"
Sandra Files
Chez Diner
"Becoming a Local Founding Member is money well spent. Chez Dine has co-hosted multiple events with Stonewalls. Thanks to their hard work, our once empty restaurant on a Tuesday night is now often a full house. We've welcomed new and returning customers thanks to Chez Dine." 
dennis bruer

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