2 // Create FB Events

Facebook Events is one of the most important tools you should be using.

Social sharing is a great way to have users interact with your content. Facebook events allow users to share, like comment and invite their friends to you event which gives you organic traffic and brings people in that might not be in your direct network.

Secondly, you need to think about how your event looks and the message you want your guests to gain from it. You should have a great header image that is consistent with the one you have uploaded or was created for Chez Dine. It could include quotes about equality, freedom, or anything positive. Event descriptions allow your potential guests to read about your event; a vague event description will cause them to decide not to proceed to buying a ticket.

Lastly, notifications, anytime you make event updates, posts…etc your guests will be notified and this will help those individuals that are listed as interested to hopefully convert to buying a ticket.

Just because you have created an event, uploaded a great image and gave as much detail in the description, if your guests don’t know how to go ahead and buy a ticket they will drop off and leave your event page.

Include Ticket Links

Do potential guests like what they see on your facebook event page? Does the image of your event pique their interest?

What now? 

You are a savvy business person and have included a ticket link to you Chez Dine event and have given the guest the opportunity to continue on their journey.

Adding ticket links are a great way to help your customers navigate to your payment page, it lets them effortlessly go from Facebook to Chez Dine to buying a ticket in a few easy steps.

3 // Personal Invite

Chez Dine Host

Without a doubt, personal invitations to an event (or anything in life) will be more authentic and allow your guests to really feel the love rather than anything automated or generic. 

Your potential guests will invest more of their time and interest when a conversation or an invite to them is personal and when it comes from a trusted, reliable source.

If there are specific individuals you’d like to see at your event, let them know. Invite them by asking them over a Facebook chat and let them know that their presence is appreciated. Heck, even give them free tickets or some sort of incentive if having them there is that important to you.

When our Hosts use a little bit of love and authenticity we see an increase in attendance for those events, so we highly recommend spending some time and inviting your personal network through some kind of dialogue. Don’t skimp here, make it personal and meaningful.

And just remember, if they say “no”, there’s always a next time. Don’t count them out entirely. 

4 // Adding Co-Hosts

How to reach other audiences and people not in your direct network.

Co-Hosts are people, organizations etc that are directly associated with your event (example Chez Dine) when you add them as a co-host and they accept your event is now included on their event page.

This helps create a bigger audience reach that you might not have had if you did not include them as a co-host.

5 // Updating Cover Photos, Profile Photos and Descriptions

Facebook offers page admins and marketers with a lot of real-estate to work with, so use it.

The “small” things like updating your profile images, cover photos and event description surprisingly have the ability to go a long way.

The important thing to remember here is that above all, it’s about staying current, staying relevant, and communicating your message in many different ways to your audience and your event guests.

Be creative and have fun!