Taste THe

The moment is finally here, 2 years in the making we are ready to launch our Chez Dine online marketplace.

To celebrate we are joined by 10 local culinary masterminds representing the country of their choosing. These chefs/hosts feel very passionately about their countries of choice so you know they’ll be bringing the fire. 

A Personal Invitation

It's finally here, our blood sweat and tears have gone into creating this platform and I would like to invite you to our launch event. Please come and enjoy a taste of togetherness with our amazing team!

Jen Stokes

Join us for an all inclusive party!


Tickets are all inclusive of food, drinks and entertainment.

March 25, 2019

We chose Monday night, so all industry folk can be included in the fun 6-10pm.

Featured Chefs

Chef Dmitry Perov

is representing Russia

Chef Erica Guidi

is representing Morocco.

Chef Jonny Blonde

is representing Canada.

Chez Dine host Lynneee

is representing Ireland.

Chef Dan Burcher

is representing Japan.

Chef Maria Boyd

is representing Germany.

Sanjay Patel

is representing India.

Chef Rang

is representing France.

Chez Dine host Teresa

is representing Poland.

Chef Tyler Heath

is representing Thailand.

Ready to taste the world?

Come enjoy a taste of togetherness. $125 All Inclusive!
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