3 Ways to experience Chez Dine

Chez Dine has 3 unique ways for you to enjoy a taste of togetherness

As a Guest, Host and a Member. Scroll down to learn more.

Becoming a Guest

Signing up as a Chez Dine guest is free

You will be able to login and review the tickets you have purchased, Opt in for our newsletter and receive special offers from our partners and review your hosts and events that you attend.


Becoming a Host

Liability Insurance

Chez Dine Hosts can enjoy 2 million dollar liability insurance.

Event Assistance

We have in house designers, chefs and event managers to help coach you on how to create the best event possible.

Access to Venues

Not only do we have a community of hosts we have a community of venues that you will have access to.

Chez Dine charges a one time start up fee of $150 to help setup your profile and your first event, then we charge 12% on the total amount of tickets sold. As a Chez Dine Host we will help you decide what the best price per ticket so you can cover your food costs and make a healthy profit.
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Become a Host

Event Listings

You get the chance to list an unlimited amount of events on the Chez Dine platform.

Photography Session

1 hr free photography session with an accredited Chez Dine accredited photographer.

Access to Our Hosts

There are 500+ hosts at your disposal, to be booked for any special events you would like to host in your space.

Becoming A Member

Chez Dine offers a membership to breweries, restaurants and caterers that would be doing higher volume of ticket sales as well as larger events.
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