Nutritious Meals 

Designed for Frontline Healthcare and Essential Service Providers

All meals are prepared in dedicated kitchens with no “walk-
through” traffic. During Covid-19, these kitchens are not open to
the public, and are not doing any outside deliveries or take out. They are
isolated kitchens.
Essential Nourishment is in regular contact with the Public Health
Department across all levels of government. We have mandated
that each of our kitchens and all staff not just meet, but EXCEED
any and all public health guidelines as laid out by the government
of Canada Covid-19 website.
Our kitchens have been chosen for their proximity to essential
sites, their ability to continuously maintain and ensure sanitation,
and their abilities to provide the best quality food at high volumes.
Extra precautions are taken at every step of the process,
including during washing and handling of all food and ingredients,
prepping/cooking, packaging and wrapping and during delivery of
your meals.
Each of our staff including delivery drivers are being monitored
daily, with temperature checks and screening prior to every shift.
Deliveries in refrigerated trucks, will be available seven days a
week, scheduled for AM and PM in coordination with workplace
receiving hours for larger orders. Individual deliveries will be
based around location and your work schedule.
Our aim is to always have your food ready and waiting for you at your
workplace for the start of your shift. If you order the Nourish my
Entire Day option, all your food will arrive for the start of your shift. If you
order multiple days worth or a week at a time, delivery will be
Donated Meals: Within 48 hours of your purchase, your gift of
vital nourishment will be delivered to a frontline/essential services worker.
Donations will be grouped to facilitate the logistics of delivery


Healthy, Safe, Delivered

Nourishment Options