In our current day-in-age, we find ourselves working longer, taking on more responsibilities and burying ourselves in our phones and computers. In this hustle and bustle, we often forget to take time for ourselves and our health. As a result, stress and anxiety can cloud our minds and increase the risk of poor mental and physical health conditions.


One super easy and beneficial way to take care of our mental health is by eating with others. Whether you set a specific time every day to eat with family or once a week to meet up with friends, shared mealtimes have many social and psychological benefits. Mealtimes help us wind down, settle our minds and enjoy the company of others.


The University of Oxford stated the more we eat with others, the more likely we are to feel happy and satisfied with our lives. It’s human nature to feel good about ourselves when we share with others, whether it’s our food or our time.


Social Benefits

  • Creates bonds and feel connected with others
  • Assign roles so everyone can be involved
    • One person can help with the cooking, another can prepare cocktails, someone can set the table. It’s an activity where everyone can contribute and reap the benefits
    • After working all day and being on our phones, we can have face to face conversations
  • Being in the moment
    • This is why you’re mom always says, “no phones at the dinner table!” It’s a great way to be in the moment and focus on the now

Psychological Benefits

  • Time of day to take a break
  • Ability to take the time to reflect on the day and how you’re feeling 
  • Having specific mealtimes create structure and familiarity in one’s routine. It can be something you look forward to.

Chez Dine calls eating with others a Taste of Togetherness, we strive to help indivduals to connect over food and would love to hear your stories of eating with others and why you think it is important!


Eating with others is important

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