This past Monday we held our first ever Host Information Night. It was a comfortable, informative meeting where potential hosts came to learn more and ask questions. The night was led by our wonderful team member Teresa who is also a proud Chez Dine Host herself. She did a wonderful job speaking about what being a host entails while also sharing her own experiences hosting her pierogi workshops!

The night began with introductions, people from all backgrounds were present. We had a chef, someone who’s just learning about the culinary trade, and those who just love to entertain, being apart of Chez Dine is for everyone! 

Information that was discussed: 

  • What Chez Dine provides you as a host
  • Payment options
  • Insurance coverage
  • Location options
  • Marketing

The question was then asked, “what does the sharing economy mean to you?” the answer was unanimous – creating community. Whether you’re visiting a new place or you’re an immigrant to a new country, everyone wants to feel like they belong. There is no better way to do that than meeting new people over a delicious meal. 

Nights like this are awesome for meeting like-minded people who share similar passions for hosting, socializing and creating communities. If you’ve ever considered becoming a Chez Dine host or want to learn what it’s all about, keep an eye out for our next Host Information Night as we plan to do them monthly!

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