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“Chez dine is an amazing business and new concept! What an incredible unique dining experience! The dinner was amazing, service was great and I met some really cool people too! I’ll definitely be using you more! Can’t wait for the app to come out. This is great for date nights!”

- Josh L.

Upcoming Experiences


Iron Beer Maidens
January 21st
Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton’s own Iron Beer Maidens are inviting ALL rad ladies, and those that self identify as a rad lady, to be a part of Hamilton’s first ALL ladies beer league with their next event being held on Monday, January 21st from 7-10pm at Clifford Brewing Co in Hamilton’s east end. 

Join us for more than just a RAD time with some great Hamilton and Ontario brews, a RAD lady speaker, female DJ, networking and of course a little beer education.

Knife Skills 
Interactive Cooking Class
January 23rd
Hamilton, Ontario

Ever watch a chef chop with, sharpen or handle a knife and think to yourself, “I wish I could do that!” Well, now you can. We will teach you everything you need to know to master the art of chopping, learning different methods of cutting vegetables and incorporating them into beautiful, delicious dishes. As we chop, we will also snack. You will no longer be envious of the pros… will become one after attending this class!

Brews & Bites
Dine in, Take out, Pre order
January 25th
Hamilton, Ontario

Hot Fresh wings for #BREWSANDBITES!
2 styles of Craft beer infused sauces, celebrating Grain & Grit’s 2019 release of three new brews. 
Pick a pound and pint!

• Chillin’ Jerk Chai ; The new Chai Stout, meets up with Jamaica’s famous flava! Earthy, snappy, and smooth. A slow dance, by the fire.

• West End Weekend ; Popular West End IPA is sauced up with an herb mix. 
Tropical, and savory. Sunset, backyard vibes.

A Warm Hug in a Bowl 
Interactive Cooking Class
February 1st
Hamilton, Ontario

It’s soup season, Baby! Nothing warms you up on a cold day like a warm bowl of soup. It is also a great way to diversify your lunches, have meals in the freezer ready to go, and add a ton of veggies to your diet! We’re going to create 4 different, delicious styles of soup in this class that you’re going to love. After this course, you will never want to have canned soup again. Fresh is best!

Oh Ciao Pasta, Ti Amo! Pasta 101 
Interactive Cooking Class
February 6th
Hamilton, Ontario

How much do you love pasta? How often do you eat this stuff? Have you ever made it? If not, you’re missing out! In this workshop style class, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and make some fresh noodles! Rolling, folding, kneading and stuffing, you’ll be elbows deep in this heavenly dough and leave with some serious pasta making skills to wow your friends and loved ones. Note: You’ll be making a lasagna (which will typically feed 2-3, but perhaps only for yourself if you love it that much) to take home with you, as well as some Gnocchi.

Oh La La, Love Is In the Air 
Valentines Themed 
Interactive Cooking Class
February 15th
Hamilton, Ontario

=Skip the busy, crowded, overpriced Valentines Day Menus and come to this class instead! Either come alone or bring your partner to have a romantic experience creating food that sets the mood! In this decadent class you’ll be executing a menu high in aphrodisiac foods because everyone could use a little extra lovin. 

Vegan Thai 
Interactive Cooking Class
February 20th
Hamilton, Ontario

Its easy to get stuck cooking the same old things over and over again. Make something fresh, new and exciting! Many Eastern countries have been nailing Vegan cooking since the beginning of time. In this class, we’re going to adapt a cuisine that is typically heavy in shrimp paste and fish sauce into vegan friendly dishes.

Authentic Pierogi Cooking Class 
Interactive Cooking Class
February 24th 
Hamilton, Ontario

An oldschool pierogi making workshop with nibbles along the way. Non alcoholic refreshments. Bring your own apron and if you prefer bring own peelers! You will go home with 1-2 dozen pierogies and learn how to make classic periogies in a beautiful space.

Taste of Italy
6 Course Meal
February 25th 
Hamilton, Ontario

Chef Tyler and Chef Dmitri bring you a taste of Italy, 6 courses thoughtfully crafted. Come join Tyler and Dmitri put a cultural spotlight by showcasing local, fresh ingredients to bring a little bit of Italy to Hamilton! Travel with your taste buds in a Taste of Togetherness! 

There will be no substitutes or allergies that will be able to be accommodated for this event.

Previous Events

No animal? No Problem! Winter Vegan Cooking Class
Interactive Cooking Class
January 18th 
Hamilton, Ontario

We’re cooking up a winter vegan feast utilizing the best of what the season has to offer. You don’t have to practice a Vegan diet to enjoy this delectable 3-course meal. Skeptical about the whole Vegan trend? It’s popular for a reason and we will show you exactly why!

All About That Squash
Interactive Cooking Class
January 9th 
Hamilton, Ontario

stonewalls poster

New Year’s Eve 
@ Stonewalls
December 31st 
Hamilton, Ontario

Join Hamilton’s #1 live music venue for great music and an all-inclusive NYE experience. 

Brews & Bites  
Dine-in, Take-out, Pre-order
December 28th 
Hamilton, Ontario

Join Host Lori at Hamilton’s top boutique brewery, Grain & Grit for AAA meatball gourmet sandwiches slowly simmered in her homemade sauce. Veggie options available. Pre-order or purchase in person. 

Tea Time Tuesday 
High Tea 
December 18th 
Hamilton, Ontario

Heaven’s Kitchen presents High Tea, which is becoming one of Hamilton’s most sought after experiences! Treat yourself to their great selection of bites and high grade teas in a unique setting in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

dinner hamilton

Thai Takeover by Tyler 
In-home Dining 
December 17th 
Hamilton, Ontario

Join Hamilton Chef Tyler Heath for an inspired 6 course Thai meal cooked in a cozy Hamilton home. After spending 6 months in Thailand, Tyler can’t wait to share this truly unique culinary experience with you. 

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