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We want to give you clear guidance so you know what’s expected. This will help you provide a unique, delicious and hospital dinner every time you host in your home, at a pop-up, farm, brewery, at the park… the possibilities are endless!

What we supply


Chez Dine Hosts can enjoy 2 million dollar liability insurance.

Event Assistance

We have in house designers, chefs and event managers to help coach you on how to create the best event possible.

Access to Venues

Not only do we have a community of hosts we have a community of venues that you will have access to.

Chez Dine Charges 12% on the total amount of tickets sold. As a Chez Dine Host we will help you decide what the best price per ticket so you can cover your food costs and make a healthy profit. What our 12%
offers you is

Some articles to help you create a unique experience.

5 fool-proof steps to being a stress-free Chez Dine host

For your guests to enjoy the dinner they need to feel that you are relaxed. The key to this is to be organized and prepared.

3 secrets to a perfect dinner party playlist

There is a lot of things to consider when you’re planning a meal to share with perfect strangers or your closest of friends.

Our Story

Founder So what is Chez Dine? That is a question I hear just about every day. It’s never the same thing twice and it’s really hard to answer.

We ask all hosts to meet these basic requirements

  • Provide as much information about yourself and the food you plan to serve
  • Use your social media to cross promote your use of Chez Dine
  • Present yourself as an inclusive member of the Chez Dine family.

What Our Hosts Say About Us

Chez Dine provides an opportunity to connect and re-connect with like-minded people, on a platform that is honest and professional. Chez Dine is providing me the opportunity to share my gifts with the World in a way that I never thought was possible. Not only am I thankful I just can't wait for this ride to go to the next level. I'm strapped in and hanging on tight with this wonderful Chez Dine family!
Chez Dine Host
“The guide was everything I hoped for, and more. BikeTour really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the beautiful places we stopped for"
Jonas Gerber
How it Works
Chez Dine is an online platform that will connects people who love to cook with people who love to eat. As a Chez Dine Host this is how it works
Signing up as a Chez Dine host is free to do.
Come up with an idea for your dinner, plan the menu and read through the Host Map & Contact for resources and guidance, determine cost.
List event on with as many details as possible: time/date/menu/photos/notes
Social media is a very powerful tool for our hosts to promote their events. Make sure to create Facebook event pages, and include Chez Dine as a co-host.
Your event is sold out and its day of, set the table, set the mood with candles, music etc. Get Creative with the vibes and try and be as authentic as possible.
Hosts will be paid out 5-7 days after their events conclusion, Chez Dine will also deduct the 12% Host fee from the total ticket sales.

Benefits of Chez Dine


Listed on our online platform that has thousands of foodies visiting each month, only growing everyday


You will be a verified member of the Chez Dine family

Online Presence

You will have an online portfolio that you can grow and build your brand and reputation as a cook.


You will recieve reviews, and you in return can review your guests

Side Hustle

You will be part of a proven successful tool for self employment and earn money


You have access to discounted apilitated food programs (example: food handlers certificate ect.)


You will have the opportunity for creative freedom


You will do what you love, on your own terms

Our Social Policy

When creating your event on Facebook and tagging Chez Dine as a co-host. This will allow us to share and promote your event through our listings. Share your event once a week through your social media channels leading up to your event. When promoting your event be sure to tag Chez Dine, use location, and use suggested hashtags and do a minimum of 2 stories leading up the event.

At Chez Dine we have quality standards to become member of our family. We will make sure we are doing whatever is possible to ensure A Taste of Togetherness. A Taste of Togetherness simply means we include all people in our family. The only defining personality trait that would exclude you of our family would be the practice of exclusion and judgement among hosts, guests and fellow mankind.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Chez Dine is always looking for great Chefs, homecooks, and foodies that have a passion for cooking and want to connect with people who love to eat!

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