In-home dining experiences and pop-ups can be intimidating at first but if you break down the priorities you will not only have a successful night to express your creativity, provide hospitality and make a financial profit from doing what you love. Consider these 4 important non-negotiables and you will relish in the success of your plans coming to fruition.

1. Success Measures

Ask yourself what success means to you beyond the financial target of your dining experience.

Is your goal to be featured online in local publications, set up a dinner series, give back to your community, grow a personal brand or to have a creative outlet? The possibilities are endless.

2. Collaborate

Think about who and what fits into your personal aesthetic for your event.

Is there a natural market that you can tap into? A lot of our hosts tap into their natural market. This means by asking your friends, family or local brewer to collaborate on pairings, or a market to showcase a local farmers best produce within season.

3. Create a Vibe


Think about the other aspects that create a unique dining experience. Will you leave your guests with a parting gift? Will there be music? Ask yourself, what would you want if you were a guest at your table?

4. Costs

Try your best to keep the food and labour to 25% of the total event costs.

Considering this when determining your ticket price will allow you to be financially successful. This can determined first by considering your most expensive costs for food and then moving forward from there. Ask yourself what are the non-negotiables of your dinner? If you are having an event with a theme, what are the foods that you refuse to not have at your dinner for it to be a success for you?

If you have any specific questions that aren’t answered above or in our FAQ drop us a line: and we would be delighted to help you through your unique dining experience.