Essential Nourishment is a nation-wide Collective of some of Canada’s best Chefs, suppliers, partners and supporters working together to help feed our front liners. We are setting a higher standard. Essential nourishment is at the core of what we believe in and there is no compromise for quality. 

No. You may order as little as one meal for an individual, or for groups in the thousands for larger organizations. We can accommodate corporate accounts, government accounts, and large group orders from more than one location. You can also GIFT a meal to a front-line worker.

YES! We are able to offer a discount for orders over 100 meals. Please contact us directly for a customized quote and to discuss your requirements. 

Due to the volume of meals being created to nourish our front line workers, we are not able to accommodate individual meal selections at this moment. Please be sure to include in the “notes/additional information” section any food allergies or severe dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate them with advance notice. We will contact you if we are unable to accommodate your request.

All qualified Essential Nourishment kitchens meet or exceed all Public Health Department standards at all levels of government. We have also mandated that all kitchens and staff EXCEED any and all additional public health guidelines as laid out by the government of Canada Covid-19 website. 

Our kitchens have been chosen for their proximity to essential sites, their ability to continuously maintain and ensure sanitation, and their abilities to provide the best quality food at high volumes. Extra precautions are taken at every step of the process, including during washing and handling of all food and ingredients, prepping/cooking, packaging and wrapping and during delivery of your meals. Each of our kitchens are a dedicated part of a closed loop system and closed to all walk-through traffic and ensuring strict physical distancing recommendations are upheld.

ALL staff are monitored daily, with screening & temperature checking prior to every shift. 

We accept all major credit cards as well as e-transfer upon arrangement. Payment is due at time of order. Due to the nature of the product and for obvious health reasons, we are not able to accept returns of product however refunds are available in some cases.

YES! Our “Donate a Meal” allows you to give a meal to a front-line worker. We will ensure it reaches those who need it most. Your gifted meal will come with a note attached with your greeting and words of thanks, showing your support to our amazing front line workers during this worldwide crisis. 

 Our Chefs are all top of their game with the highest standards and quality and professional approach to food services. Each of our talented Chefs brings a diverse and creative range of cooking styles and flavours. Our chefs must meet the highest standards in the industry and understand the complexity of the current situation including the needs for safe, healthy and complete nourishment during this crisis. 

Our chefs and their network of integrated and diverse suppliers provide a strong and sustainable supply chain across the Canadian network. From working with local farm producers in each region to a national packaging strategy, Our supply partner network is one of the strongest, secure and supportive for our kitchen programs. 

Deliveries are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. They are scheduled for AM or PM in coordination with workplace receiving hours. For larger orders specific arrangements can be made. Individual deliveries will be based around location and your work schedule. Our aim is to always have your food ready and waiting for you when you want it. If you order the “Nourish my Entire Day” option, all your food will arrive during specific time slots. If you order multiple days, delivery will be staggered accordingly.

Yes! All meals are prepared the day of the delivery. 

Yes! All meals are designed for optimal health and nourishment.

Yes! All of our packaging is standardized across regions and can be either composted or recycled. 

 To recycle the ice packs simply drain the contents first.

Meals are pre-cooked and chilled to safety standards. The meal and packaging designed to be heated in the microwave at time of eating consumption. If you will be heating your meal in an oven, you must transfer your food to an oven-safe dish. Do not use our containers in a conventional oven.

Yes. A “freeze by” date and heating instructions from frozen are included on each main dish.

We recommend consuming your meals within two days of ordering, as long as they have been refrigerated consistently during that time. If you won’t be able to eat your meal within a day or two, we recommend freezing your meal.

Yes. With advance notice we are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options. If you are 100% celiac please be sure to indicate that. While we can’t promise specific items, our goal is always to provide the tastiest, most nutritious options to suit your dietary needs.

Yes! If for some reason a circumstances arises, please contact us and we will help you out.