We get into a stranger’s cars for rides and stay in their homes to sleep, so why not go into their kitchens to eat? Going out to a restaurant is necessary every once in a while, however, there are alternatives to going to a local food chain. There are many benefits to eating home cooked meals (*cough* with Chez Dine *cough*) in someone else’s home and we’ve listed some here!

Save Your Pennies

When paying your bill at a restaurant, you’re not only paying for your food and the service. You’re often paying for the company’s overhead costs, rent, insurance and things other than that burger you just ate. In-home dining provides the best of both worlds, offering the feel of going out to eat but at a fair price!

save money

Is this Really Fresh?

Typically, you don’t see your meal being made or know where the ingredients came from. Many times, your “fresh produce” has been transferred from farm to factory to truck to the restaurant fridge.

When eating home cooked meals, you can have a better understanding of where your food is coming from, whether it’s the farmers’ market or the backyard herb and veggie garden.


I Got the Power

Whether you’re gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or have allergies there’s so many restrictions when it comes to eating food. When eating a home cooked meal, there’s more control and caution since there’s no mass production. You can’t always be certain your food isn’t being cross contaminated when the cooks are making meals for hundreds of people. The intimacy of an in-home dining experience usually means each plate is made with love, with your restrictions in mind.


Portion Control 

You’ve probably heard the rule that your plate should be ½ veggies, ¼ healthy protein and ¼ whole grains. However, your meal at a restaurant will come over a bed of french fries, with 3 carrots and 2 pieces of broccoli. Cooking from scratch at home allows control over healthier portion sizes.

Hi, Nice to Meet You!

Have you ever been out to eat and can’t hear the person across from you because the music is too loud? In-home dining experiences allow you to not only communicate with each other, but gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know new people. It would be really weird if you had to sit at a table with a couple of strangers at a restaurant, but the in home dining atmosphere encourages you to start conversations with the people at the table.


Sitting together at the dinner table is nothing new, we’ve been doing it before the beginning of time. However, with the advancement of technology, we spend more time creating communities with likeminded others online than in real life. Chez Dine utilizes this technology to bring us together in the real world, to connect people who love to cook with people who love to eat.

We always have a number of different in home dining experiences you can choose from. If you want to host a dinner, be a guest at the table, or want to get down and dirty in a workshop, there’s always something for everyone!

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